Laura Hudson Mackay


Confluence is a collaborative project linking storytelling and photography across cultures.

By Confluence artists interacting, doing their own research and sharing, they are exploring links and inspiring each other as storytellers and visual artists to create new stories and new photographic art, which in turn is inspiring the people around them.

Since the project began in January 2017, links between Celtic and Arabian stories and storytelling traditions have been researched through a number of artistic residencies and exchanges in both Scotland and Morocco. In 2018, Confluence artists will travel to the Nordic countries and explore their storytelling cultures, looking for links there too.

A Confluence book will be launched in 2018. A beautiful collection of the stories (both traditional and modern), photographic images, illustrations and research gathered so far along the Confluence journey.

"Through Confluence we are creating new stories, crossing cultures and constructing influence with the people we know, breaking down barriers and shining a light on shared elements of our cultural heritage" - Laura Hudson Mackay

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